• In the few months that I’ve been at Tsinghua, I’ve enjoyed making friends and discovering ‘meiwei’ (delicious) food around the campus canteens. The whole process from getting my lunch card, at first not being able to read the ‘caidan’ (menu) to eventually being able to read part of the ‘caidans’, and finally ordering the food, made the experience all the more memorable

    Wendy, Canadian, Chinese Language Program
  • It has been a wonderful year at Tsinghua University. I have had the pleasure of making lasting friendship and memories, while living in the vibrancy of this rich campus. This prestigious institution harbors many legends, and I look forward to seeing many more to come

    Jack C. Glasgow, USA, School of Economics and Management
  • I have been living and studying in China for four years. Currently I’m a student in the Department of International Relations. I’ve seen people taking pictures of their children in front of the Main Gate, the West Gate and the Old Gate. The children would tell their mothers that they want to study at Tsinghua when they grow up. To be able to study here is not only a dream for Chinese children, but I‘d like to say that it is also a dream for international students. I hope that everyone is happy every day, at Tsinghua. I hope everyone can find good friends here.

    David Janna, Colombia, Department of International Relations
  • My name is Lara Connaughton. Currently I'm a scholar at Schwarzman College completing a Masters in Global Affairs. This year I’m the administrative chair of the student government here and we have taken part in some great events with the graduate and international students of Tsinghua. It has been fantastic meeting the Tsinghua students from both China and abroad - in the lovely canteens and cafes on campus, in some classes we take together, and through the various student societies. As my friends know back home, I was never very athletic. But there is a wonderful emphasis put on sports here. Last year, the female Schwarzman scholars set up a soccer team, and we have kept the tradition going. Being part of the Tsinghua family has been a really special experience. Even when we travel around China, no matter how far away we get from Beijing, you can be sure that everyone knows the Tsinghua name! Best of luck to all at Tsinghua in 2018 - ‘Go n- éiri an t- ádh libh’ - 加油!

    Lara Connaughton, Ireland, Schwarzman College
  • Throughout my experience at Tsinghua University I’ve had the opportunity to mingle with some of the smartest students in China, learn more about the people and culture while studying the language, and most importantly, make friends from all around the world. Tsinghua has an immense international student body, with over 3,000 students this year alone! My most memorable experience was at a Halloween party hosted by Tsinghua’s Shuo society where they provided an open bar and face-painting activities. Whether you wanted to have a skeleton face or a cup of “fruit juice”, you got it. It turned out to be a very memorable night indeed.

    Matthew, USA, Chinese Language Program
  • My study term in Tsinghua has been one of the most interesting and enriching experiences I’ve had in my life. As time passed by, I started getting more and more involved in the different activities on campus, and I decided to join a student association and even participated in the Gala Night through a performance representing Latin American culture. Thanks to the many activities on campus, I was able to learn about many different cultures that exist in the world while at the same time being able to share mine. Overall, my time at Tsinghua has allowed me to better understand who I am, what I want to do, and what opportunities exist both in my home country and in China.

    Julio César Manjarrez, Mexico, School of Economics and Management
  • The Tsinghua University campus is very big. The university has everything a student needs in order to live: various sports fields, supermarkets, cafeterias, theaters and much more. If you want to, you don’t have to leave the campus for a whole year. I have met a lot of nice and interesting people so far, and have acquired new professional and economic knowledge and I have gotten to know the events happening on campus. In particular, I like the teaching style; it is a little bit like at school. Unlike in Germany, there are midterms and homework, which allows you to learn continuously. I would recommend everyone to get involved in this beautiful country and rich culture.

    Mustafa, Germany, Department of Industrial Engineering
  • I've made it my passion to be a life-long learner to sharpen my skills, abilities and God-given talents. Of course, being a Masters student at Tsinghua University has allowed me to not only learn everything that I possibly can, but also to establish amazing friendships with people from different backgrounds. Happy New Year friends, Happy New Year Tsinghua! I wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous 2018.

    Tepyuthyea Philip Sophoan, Cambodia, School of Architecture
  • One Tsinghua, one family. Spending a semester at the most prestigious university in China has been a rewarding experience in terms of my academic and personal development. I will soon return to my home country with a better understanding of China, its people and culture. I am only one international student out of thousands at Tsinghua, but I now join a new generation of young people eager to genuinely engage with China. I know that my connection with China has only just begun. I wish the Tsinghua University community all the best in 2018. 在线滚球APP | 在线滚球平台再见!(Goodbye, Tsinghua!)

    Piero Craney, Australia, School of Law
  • The past year at Tsinghua has been beyond interesting and a little challenging, but a great learning experience. Being a part of a multicultural classroom has led me to being patient, open minded and very curious to learn about other people and their backgrounds. From both in and out of the classroom, I have been able to make friends and learn more about the world from different perspectives, giving me a better understanding about how different conditions can affect people differently around the world. Together, we can talk and brainstorm ideas to solve our problems, discuss intricate topics to gain a deeper learning, throw around business ideas and chat about the many possible start-up companies we’ve thought up. My time at Tsinghua has been nothing but enjoyable. Even though there are days when I just cannot find the right words in Chinese, or struggle to study new concepts from class, there is something new to learn every day. Looking forward to learning and enjoying life in the year to come!

    Elena, USA, School of Economics and Management
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